Help Save Gemini Springs!

Help Save Gemini Springs! Conceptual Master Plan of the proposed private development project

In 1999, the St. Johns River Water Management District (SJRWMD) purchased Gemini Springs Addition, 948 acres of conservation lands located just west of Interstate 4 on the shore of Lake Monroe in Volusia County. The funding came from the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) for mitigation to help offset wetland impacts from FDOT road projects in the area.

This property provides important wildlife habitat, helps protect Gemini Springs and Lake Monroe, and is a valuable recreational asset and tourist attraction for the county and the region.

Now, the City of DeBary wants the SJRWMD to transfer ownership of 102 acres of the Gemini Springs Addition to the city. Instead of retaining it for conservation, the City would use the property for a private development of 2,400 residential units and 258,000 square feet of non-residential space and a stormwater retention facility. 

The Gemini Springs Addition tract was determined to have significant conservation value when it was purchased by the state and again when it was reassessed a few years ago. The SJRWMD's 2012 District Lands Assessment Implementation Plan recommends donating the land to the county while retaining a conservation easement to ensure continued conservation. This plan does not recommend selling, exchanging for other parcels, or allowing alternative uses on this property.  In addition, this property was originally purchased for the express purpose of mitigation for Florida Department of Transportation road projects, intended to help compensate for the functional loss resulting from wetland impacts.

To make matters worse, the Chairman of the SJRWMD Governing Board, John Miklos, has purportedly already given assurances to the DeBary officials that the deal will be approved. Miklos' company, Bio-Tec Consulting Inc., is working for the City to help get the required permits and approval from the SJRWMD and other regulatory agencies for the land transfer and proposed development project.

Using conservation lands for a private development violates the intent of our state constitution and the purpose for which they were purchased. This would also establish a dangerous precedent, potentially putting all of our conservation lands at risk and undermining the intended benefits of mitigation.

Contact the DeBary Mayor, City Council members, and the City Manager. 

Ask them to please withdraw plans for a private development project on the Gemini Springs Addition and honor the intent for which these public conservation lands were originally purchased.

Mayor Clint Johnson  

DeBary City Counci Members:

Chris Carson               
Rick Dwyer                 
Mike Brady                 
Lita Handy-Peters       

Dan Parrott, City Manager   (386) 668-2040

In addition, contact John Miklos, the SJRWMD Board Chairman. Tell him to stop representing his own economic interests over the interests of the public and our river.

John Miklos, SJRWMD Chair

Learn more about this issue by reading this article from the Daytona Beach News-Journal.   Also, read the letter that St. Johns Riverkeeper sent to the Mayor Johnson and the DeBary City Council expressing opposition to these ill-conceived plans. 

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