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Report a Violation

If you see a suspected violation, help the river by reporting it to the appropriate agency. Contact us if you need assistance. We're here to help!

        Lisa Rinaman, St. Johns Riverkeeper       (904) 256-7907

Good source for all issues

Florida Dept. of Environmental Protection
Will transfer to appropriate department.
(904) 256-1700
Florida DEP
When in doubt, call
State Watch Office
Coast Guard National Response Center
Duval County Environmental Quality Division

(800) 320-0519
(800) 424-8802
(904) 255-7100

Florida DEP (single family homes)
St. Johns River Water Management District
(large subdivision/ industry)
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers- Enforcement
(904) 256-1648
(904) 730-6270

(904) 232-3697

Jacksonville's Care Center in Duval County
(Get case #)
Florida Department of Environmental Protection
Duval County Dept. of Health (for sewage only)
(904) 630-2489
(904) 256-1649
(904) 253-1280

FMRI Fish Kill Hotline (M-F 8-5 pm)
Public Wildlife Alert Hotline (available 24/7)
(800) 636-0511
(888) 404-3922

Jacksonville's Care Center in Duval County
(Get issue case #)
(904) 630-2489
Care Center online
Jacksonville Environmental Quality Division
St. Johns River Water Management District
(outside Duval County)
(904) 255-7100
(904) 730-6270

Jacksonville's Care Center (Get case #)
Seminole County Stormwater Division
Marion County Code Enforcement
Florida Department of Environmental Protection
(904) 630-2489
(407) 665-2424
(352) 671-8900
(904) 256-1700

State Manatee Hotline & Law Enforcement Dispatch
Call this number always!
cellular ( in specific areas )
Manatee Hotline (Jacksonville University)
Helps document manatee occurences
(888) 404-3922
*FWC or #FWC

(904) 256-7575
Manatee Study at JU

St. Johns Riverkeeper, Lisa Rinaman
FL Dept. of Environmental Protection
(904) 256-7907
(855) 305-3903
online form
Jacksonville Sheriff's Office Marine Unit
(Duval County only JSO Marine Unit
Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission

U.S. Coast Guard (for navigational hazards only)
(904) 255-4155

(850) 488-6068

(904) 564-7511

Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission
1-866-405-BUOY (2869)
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