St. Johns Riverkeeper has big things in store for 2022, and we can’t wait to share them with you. We hope to help you get outside more to explore the St. Johns and its watershed, and Get Your Feet Wet! Our staff members have each made their own personal “resolutions” related to how they want to get out on the watershed, and help you do the same:

Lisa Rinaman collecting water samplesLisa Rinaman, St. Johns Riverkeeper

My New Year’s Resolution is to spend more time on the water with fellow water warriors and river lovers across Florida to celebrate our rivers, springs and wild spaces for inspiration and fortification to collectively do all that we must do to #SaveFloridaWaters. #WaterWarriorsUnite!

Jimmy Orth, Executive Director

paddling downtown

I am looking forward to finally putting the paddleboard I bought last summer to good use. There are just too many cool places to explore, and what a better way to get some much-needed exercise and spend quality time with my family.

No excuses in 2022!

Jamie De Nisco, Education Specialist

Riverkeeper education team biking with members along McCoys Creek

My hope for 2022 is to visit every park on the St. Johns River and its tributaries in Jacksonville. I plan to document each park by taking photos and making short journal entries about what makes each one special. I’m excited to discover something new and share what I learn with students and families during our programs!

Gabbie Milch, Middle Basin Coordinator

paddling Pottsburg CreekAs the Middle Basin Coordinator, it is my resolution for 2022 to bring greater awareness to the public about the issues of the St. Johns River’s middle basin, especially to folks who cross the River on I-4 every day. I hope to activate people to advocate for a cleaner St. Johns River and all its springs, wetlands, and tributaries. I want to inform people about the springs and recreational opportunities along the river, and to inspire them to care about the wetlands that are so important to the health and quality of life in the middle basin.

I also made a commitment to paddle the whole 310 miles of the River in 2022 and create excitement about how beautiful and alive she is in the upper, middle and lower basins.

Blue SpringSara Schmalfeld, Office Manager

My New Year’s Resolution is to plan a trip to Blue Springs State Park with my family. I haven’t visited the park since I was a teenager and I would love for my kids to experience this amazing place. My oldest daughter loves manatees so I know that she would enjoy seeing them and learning more about their habitat and what we can do to protect them. I would personally love to take the St. Johns river cruise to photograph the beautiful scenery and learn more about our beautiful river.

Riverkeeper staff and members walking along a Ribault River neighborhoodKaren Estella Smith, Outreach Director

I am looking forward to creating more interactive experiences for our members and supporters this year so you can Get Your Feet Wet. I’m planning opportunities for you to increase your connection to nature throughout the entire St. Johns River watershed. I hope to help others learn more about the St. Johns River, including habitats, wildlife, and even threats. There will also be opportunities to enjoy some of the business along the watershed and meet others with common interests. So, perhaps you can find an interesting outing in your area or be prompted to take a day-trip to see another part of the watershed. I hope that you will bring a friend or your entire family as St. Johns Riverkeeper dares you to Get Your Feet Wet!

Silver SpringsRebecca Vecera, Communications Specialist

My goal for 2022 is to visit and paddle along Silver Springs! I haven’t visited this part of the watershed since I was a kid, and I’d love to reconnect with this area I’m working to help restore as part of the #FreeTheOcklawaha coalition. I also hope to explore as many parks and other recreational spots along the watershed as I can, and share them with Riverkeeper’s followers!

Whether or not you set personal resolutions or goals at the start of each year, we hope you will join us throughout 2022 as we all resolve together to explore the St. Johns River and protect this vital resource that we all love. For the River!