Threats to the Environment and Public Health

Florida’s pristine environment and the health of its residents are currently at risk as three dangerous bills make their way through the legislative process. These bills threaten the state’s waterways, encourage irresponsible development, and expose communities to cancer-causing toxins. By understanding the risks posed by these bills, we can urge Governor DeSantis to veto them and protect the health and well-being of all Floridians.

What You Need to Know + What You Can Do

Take action to urge Governor DeSantis to VETO these three hazardous bills:

  1. Fertilizer Ordinance Preemption (line item 146 in SB 2500) – Take Action
  2. Bad Growth Bill (HB 359/SB 540) – Take Action
  3. Radioactive Roads Bill (HB 1191/SB 1258) – Take Action

These bills threaten the state’s waterways, promote irresponsible development, and expose communities to cancer-causing toxins. It’s essential for residents to take action and urge Governor DeSantis to veto these bills to protect Florida’s environment and public health.


1. Fertilizer Ordinance Preemption – Take Action!

Algae bloom aerial photo

Help protect Florida’s waterways from nutrient pollution!

The legislature is trying to stop local governments from protecting their waterways from nutrient pollution by adding language to the budget at the last minute that would prohibit local governments from adopting or amending fertilizer application ordinances for the next year. We need your voice to ask Governor DeSantis to VETO the fertilizer preemption (line item 146 in SB 2500).

Send customized emails to Governor DeSantis, sharing your experiences with harmful algal blooms or nutrient pollution, and emphasizing that local governments should be able to protect local waterways.

Take Action to Fight Nutrient Pollution


2. Bad Growth Bill – Take Action!

SB 540 would threaten ordinary Floridians with financial ruin for exercising their right to legally challenge bad development decisions. Specifically, citizens who challenge Comprehensive Plan amendments would be forced to pay the attorney fees and costs of the prevailing local government and developers if they lose their challenge. Unchecked growth degrades our water quality, exacerbates flooding, and destroys our natural resources.

If passed, these bills would allow winning parties in legal challenges to recover attorney fees from the losing parties. The attorneys that developers retain often charge extraordinary rates. This could deter citizens and public interest groups from challenging development decisions due to the potentially high legal costs.

We need YOU to take action! Tell Governor DeSantis to VETO SB 540.

Take Action – Don’t Let Developers Silence Concerned Citizens


3. Radioactive Roads Bill – Take Action!

Keep our communities safe and healthy! Urge Governor DeSantis to STOP HB 1191/SB 1258, which would approve the use of radioactive waste called “phosphogypsum” in road construction. The EPA currently prohibits using this toxic waste in roadway construction because it poses an unacceptable risk to public health, water and air quality, and road construction workers.

This dangerous bill would allow the use of cancer-causing toxins, currently banned by the EPA, in Florida road construction.

When it rains, those chemicals seep into our water and air. This would harm our environment and ALL Floridians’ health.

We urge Governor DeSantis to stop this bill to protect communities from exposure to these dangerous toxins.

Take Action to Keep Our Communities Safe


It is crucial that we come together as a community to raise awareness about these dangers and encourage Governor DeSantis to veto these harmful proposals. By taking action now, we can safeguard Florida’s waterways, promote responsible development, and protect communities from exposure to dangerous toxins.