Field Trip Programs

RiverX Boat Trips (5th Grade ONLY)

The RiverX program (formerly known as STEAM Cultural Passport Program) offered by Riverkeeper immerses 5th grade students from Duval County in the natural world of the St. John River through an educational, on-the-water experience. Riverkeeper utilizes the river as a resource for furthering student understanding the science of our river dynamics as well as exploring the interconnectedness of our economy, community interaction, and river health.

The RiverX program emphasizes experiential learning to provide students of all learning abilities an opportunity to personally engage and observe the dynamics of the St. Johns River through a hands-on learning experience. Through the RiverX program, students participate in four educational stations that highlight science, the river as a resource and the challenges it faces. Students engage as scientists in the field collecting data, visually understand the interconnectedness our ecosystem, and create a personal connection towards the river. The knowledge they learn on the boat empowers students to protect and to care for the river and its inhabitants as well as generate possible solutions to improve public perception of the health of the river and promote environmental advocacy.

Designed for 5th grade Duval County students
Up to 60 students and 10 teachers/chaperones per trip, 1.5 hours

There is a cost to this program. Funding for the boat trips are possible through St. Johns Riverkeeper’s ‘River Friendly Challenge’ and is on a first-come, first-serve basis as funding is limited. Riverkeeper does NOT providing buses, bus funding, or bus organization.

Come to Jacksonville University’s Marine Science Research Institute

Let us design a program for you at the JU Marine Science Research Institute (MSRI), located right on the St. Johns River. Every program held at the MSRI are designed specifically for your group. Rates and participation number vary based on the chosen program.

Designed for 6th-12th grade (program will be adjusted based on age of participants)
Up to 50 students and 10 teachers/chaperones, minimum of 2 hours


River Cleanups

Do some good in your neighborhood! There is no better way to have an immediate and direct positive impact on our St. Johns River than participating in a river clean up. We guide you through a safe and meaningful river clean up while also discussing current issues affecting the health of the St Johns. Students will work to understand their impact while also being out in their community making a difference. Riverkeeper Educators will provide an educational component prior to the cleanup, safety will be discussed, and materials (provided by Riverkeeper) will be distributed. This is a hands-on learning opportunity that engages our future advocates to learn about the St. Johns River and local issues. Also a great opportunity for teens to earn community service hours, earn scout badges, and an after school program activity.

Designed for 3rd-12th grade (program will be adjusted based on age of participants)
Up to 50 students and 10 teachers/chaperones, 2 hours

To book a program or for more information contact Emily Floore, St. Johns Riverkeeper Education Director, by email at or phone (904) 256-7022.