Aveda Earth Month

Since 2019, Aveda salons across our Watershed have collectively raised more than $51,000 during their Earth Month campaign for our mission to protect and restore the St. Johns River!

In honor of Earth Day, Aveda annually sets aside a whole month “to love, celebrate and raise funds to protect the earth and its peoples.” Since 1999, Aveda has raised more than $32 million through its annual Earth Month campaign. Over the last 7 years, $26 million of the funds supported clean water projects at home and around the world.

In 2012, St. Johns Riverkeeper was selected as the regional Earth Month Partner for the annual campaign. Every April since, Aveda salons throughout the St. Johns River watershed raise funds through a variety of events and projects to support St. Johns Riverkeeper and our efforts for a clean and healthy river. Salons have initiated cut-a-thons, concerts, fashion shows, and other fun and creative approaches to raising funds and awareness. Collectively, these generous salons have raised more than $219,000 to support the St. Johns River! 

Show you care during Earth Month! Ask your local Aveda salon how you can help support their efforts in standing up for clean water and our St. Johns River. Find an Aveda salon near you: www.aveda.com/locations.