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It is important to elect candidates who support efforts to protect and restore the St. Johns River.  More importantly, we need leaders who will make Florida waters a priority, leading the charge to address and resolve the problems that impact the health of the St. Johns.

As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, St. Johns RIVERKEEPER does not endorse candidates.  However, we have asked Florida’s elected leaders to complete a survey to determine their opinions and positions regarding some of the most critical issues facing the St. Johns River and its tributaries.

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The St. Johns River is the longest river in Florida flowing north for 310 miles. A nearly 9,000 square-mile Watershed, the St. Johns encompasses about 16% of the state of Florida. 

Find Out Where Your Candidate Stands on Water Issues

We sent our General Election 2020 Survey to all of Florida’s candidates.  Find YOUR candidate’s answers below to better understand how they will confront these threats, if elected in November.

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The St. Johns River, its springs and tributaries, supports the health of our community. In order to protect this important asset, it is critical to understand the threats that face the health of the St. Johns. Threats include:


  • Pollution from excessive nutrients that cause toxic algal blooms as a result of septic tanks, sewage sludge (aka biosolids), agricultural runoff, and residential fertilizer via Stormwater;
  • Over-pumping from the aquifer and reduced spring flows;
  • Increased flooding caused by sea level rise, storm surge, dredging without mitigation, and outdated infrastructure;
  • Loss of wetlands, springsheds, and critical habitat due to rapid growth and development of natural lands and saltwater intrusion.