In the late 60's and early 70's, oil spills, river fires, and toxic waste put a national spotlight on our country's serious water pollution problems. As a result, Congress voted with overwhelming bipartisan support to enact the Clean Water Act (CWA) in 1972.

The passage of the CWA finally gave regulatory agencies the authority to hold polluters accountable, to regulate the discharge of pollution, and to establish water quality standards for our ailing waterways.

While the CWA has not acheived its ultimate goal of restoring all of our waters to “fishable, swimmable," this landmark legislation has resulted in significant improvements for the St. Johns River and many of our nation’s waters. And, that is something definitely worth celebrating!

While we have made progress, we still have a long way to go.  For instance, more than half of our rivers and lakes in Florida have poor water quality. While only 20% of the river and stream miles in Florida have been assessed, 80% of those waterways do not meet CWA water quality standards.

So, on this 40th birthday for the Clean Water Act, let’s celebrate how far we have come in 40 years, and recommit ourselves to the goal of making the St. Johns and ALL of our waterways "fishable, swimmable."  

Clean Water Act 40th Birthday Party
Wednesday, October 24th   6 – 9 pm
Sadler Point Marine Center
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