St. Johns Riverkeeper hired its first Riverkeeper.


The St. Johns River was designated an American Heritage River by President Clinton. The St. Johns is the only river in Florida and one of only 14 rivers in the entire United States to receive this prestigious national recognition.


The Maple Leaf was designated a National Historic Landmark Shipwreck Site.


Pelican and otter totems were discovered while an underwater utility cable was being repaired. These totems are the only North American totems found outside the Pacific Northwest. They had been protected from rot by the river mud.


During the digging of a canal near Hontoon Island an owl totem was uncovered.


The first plane landed at the newly constructed Jacksonville Air Station at Black Point on the St. Johns River. Mayport Naval Station opened in 1942 at the mouth of the river adjacent to the village of Mayport. Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings book, Cross Creek, was published...


Construction began on the Cross Florida Barge Canal. Construction continued on and off until 1991 when it was officially canceled and the land became a protected greenbelt: The Marjorie Harris Carr Cross Florida Greenway.


The first of seven automobile bridges in Jacksonville over the St. Johns was built. This bridge was originally called the St. Johns River Bridge and later became known as the Acosta Bridge.


Merrill-Stevens, the largest of eight ship yards in Jacksonville, expanded and built 25 ships in support of the war effort during World War I. From 1900 to 1970, developers drained as much as 300,000 acres of the Upper St. Johns River Basin. More than 70 percent of...
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