1. Take the first step: Calculate your Ecological Footprint. Learn how you can reduce your footprint or impact on the world by implementing River Friendly practices at home.

2. Vote for clean water. Not just vote, but make sure your elected leaders know that conservation and clean waterways are important to you. Find your legislator and reach out today.

3. Continue to Learn: Watch one of our award-winning Riverkeeper Documentaries

4. Conduct a science experiment: Complete our river salinity testing at-home experiment with your kids.

5. Serve your River and your community: Participate in our #SJRKTrashTag Challenge.

6. Take the River Friendly Pledge and help protect our River.

7. Attend a St. Johns Riverkeeper event and get involved!

8. Join or Give a Gift Membership in St. Johns Riverkeeper

9. Shop online for Riverkeeper Sustainable Merchandise.

10. Check out our YouTube Page for all virtual educational programs.

11. Explore the St. Johns River Watershed: Take a Virtual Tour of the Aquifer and our River.

12. Make Earth Day-themed repurposed crafts from the trash with your family.

13. Get outside: Take a hike, hop on your bike, or go for a paddle! Give us permission to share by using #HeySJRKLookAtThis.

14. #DontFeedTheAlgae: If you choose to fertilize your lawn, follow these River Friendly fertilizing tips to help minimize your environmental impact on the St. Johns River.

15. Bring your own bags to the grocery store or wherever you’re shopping.

16. Reduce your meat consumption: try a day of the week to go vegetarian or vegan!

17. Report River pollution issues directly to us!

18. Conserve water. Over 50% of water usage is typically outside the home, primarily for irrigation. So, this is one of the best places to begin with your River Friendly makeover.

19. Go native! Start a garden at home. WATCH our River Friendly educational videos and learn why River Friendly yards are so important for our backyard creatures like our native pollinators.

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