It’s Hot Out There…Still looking for a meaningful way to volunteer???

Here’s a great way for you to have a meaningful impact on the community and the future health of our river.  St. Johns Riverkeeper is partnering with the nonpartisan, nonprofit organization Environmental Voter Project (EVP) to encourage non-voting Floridians concerned about the environment, regardless of party affiliation, to vote. 

EVP has identified 259,703 registered voters in Florida who typically don’t vote but consider the environment or climate change one of their top issues.   As a result, these individuals are often ignored by most political campaigns. So, we are working with EVP to recruit volunteers to reach out to these individuals to encourage them to vote in the upcoming elections.   

By getting more voters who care about the environment engaged in the election process, we can ensure politicians on both sides take environmental issues more seriously and we elect more candidates committed to protecting our St. Johns River.

All you need to participate in this nonpartisan effort are internet access, a phone, and the interest to make a difference.  Upcoming training dates are:

Tuesday, August 16th at 12noon

Monday, August 22nd at 6pm

Tuesday, August 23rd at 12noon (Election Day, Primaries)

There will be more opportunities as we approach the November election, but this is a great way to get folks ready for the fall.


Click here for more information.