Silver Springs already suffering from low flows and nitrate pollution that triggers excessive algal growth.

In May, an Administrative Law Judge ruled against St. Johns Riverkeeper, Sierra Club Northeast Florida, Jeri Baldwin, and Karen Ahlers in a legal challenge of the permit for Sleepy Creek Lands (formerly known as Adena Springs Ranch).  Despite evidence that Florida’s iconic Silver Springs would be further degraded from the over-pumping of groundwater and increased nutrient pollution, Judge Gary Early recommended approval of the permit for the massive cattle operation.

Now, the permit and the Judge's Recommended Order go to the St. Johns River Water Management District (SJRWMD) Governing Board on Tuesday, July 14, for a final vote. The Governing Board meeting begins immediately following the Regulatory Committee meeting that starts at 11 am. You will have an opportunity to speak at both meetings. 

We need to have a huge turnout to let the Governing Board know that we must protect and restore Silver Springs and the first step is denying this permit. 

If you can join us in Palatka at this critical meeting on July 14, please click here to sign up to attend. 

You can learn about the Sleepy Creek Lands (aka Adena Springs Ranch) permit issue by clicking here