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Troubled Waters: What You Can Do

We can't expect that our government agencies or elected officials will do what is necessary to protect our water resources, if we are not involved. Clean water and good government require our participation. By doing our individual part and working together, we can save Florida’s troubled waters!

Stay Informed

You can’t take action, if you don’t first know the issues.

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  • Join the Florida Conservation Coalition and get regular updates from this non-partisan group of nonprofit organizations and concerned citizens dedicated to protecting and conserving Florida's water and natural resources.
  • Sign the Floridians’ Clean Water Declaration and help create a force for change – a change in the water policies of the state of Florida. 

Take Action on Issues

  • Contact the Environmental Protection Agency and tell them to reject Florida's proposal that would raise the limits for toxic chemicals and expose Floridians to a higher risk of cancer.  Email: FloridaHHC@epa.gov   Learn more here.
  • Contact the St. Johns River Water Management District Governing Board and tell them to focus on water conservation, efficiency, and reuse strategies instead of surface water withdrawals from the St. Johns to meet the future water needs of our region. Learn more and take action
  • Help protect Hallowes Cove in St. Johns County! The Rivertown development along SR 13 wants to build a 250-slip drydock marina on 8 acres of  a passive riverfront park at the mouth of Hallowes Cove, a pristine area of the St. Johns River with abundant eel grass beds that provide critical habitat for fisheries and wildlife.  The Cove is so environmentally-sensitive that this type of development was prohibited when the original plan was approved. The new owners of Rivertown want to amend that plan.  Join us at the December 5 community meeting to help protect Hallowes Cove.  Click here for more information. 

Organize a Screening

  • Share the link to the film and encourage your friends, family, and co-workers to watch Troubled Waters.
  • Better yet, host a house party or screening in your community and have a discussion afterwards about the issues presented in the film and what can be done to help.  Contact us to request a DVD and/or a St. Johns Riverkeeper staff to attend.  

Be River Friendly

One of the most important things that we can each do is to reduce our individual impact on our waterways.  With so many people now living in Florida, our actions collectively add up to create significant pollution problems for the St. Johns River and all of Florida’s waters. 

By using less fertilizer, we can help prevent toxic algal blooms. By conserving and using water efficiently, we can protect our aquifer and reduce the need for harmful water withdrawals from the St. Johns. By conserving energy and choosing renewable energy sources, we can eliminate the mercury that is poisoning our fish and threatening our health. The bottom line is that by being River Friendly, we can do our part to save the St. Johns River and Florida’s troubled waters.

Learn how you can be River Friendly!

Get Involved in Local Decisions

It is essential that all of us stay informed about issues that impact our environment and our communities and get involved in the local decision-making process.

Now that many of our state growth management laws have been eliminated or weakened, planning decisions are often primarily left up to local governments. You can make a difference by making sure our waterways have a voice.

  • Visit your city or county website to learn more about your local government officials and how to contact them. 
  • Learn more about the Local Planning Process and how you can become a “Citizen Planner" from 1000 Friends of Florida, the state's leading smart growth advocacy organization.

Here is a recent example of how citizens can make a difference!
Orange County reject controvesial project east of the Econ River, Orlando Sentinel 11.15.16

Vote for Florida’s Waters

Find out where candidates for office stand on water issues and elect people who will work to protect our water resources. Once elected, it is also critical that they hear from you. Your voice and your vote can make a difference.

  • Click here to find your state House and Senate Member and your U.S. Congressional Member and Senator.
  • Contact Governor Rick Scott and tell him to support smart growth management and the protection and restoration of Florida’s waters. 
  • Contact President-Elect Donald Trump and ask him to support the Clean Water Act and strong environmental safeguards to protect our country’s waterways and the health of our families.
  • Learn more about where state legislators stand on important environmental issues and how they voted from Florida Conservation Voters


 Report Pollution Problems

If you see a suspected violation or pollution problem, help our waterways by reporting it to the appropriate agency.

Click here for a list of agency contacts.

Look out soon for our new App that will allow you report and document problems throughout Florida!

America, the Owner's Manual: You Can Fight City Hall and Win by former U.S. Senator Bob Graham and Chris Hand.  Learn how effective citizen participation can make a difference!

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