During Membership Month in October, we are encouraging our Facebook fans to "Join the Campaign" and become members of St. Johns Riverkeeper.

Become a fan: www.facebook.com/stjohnsriverkeeper.

Follow us on Facebook, and stay tuned for campaign promotions, merchandise giveaways and a special discounted membership rate. 

Become a member: www.stjohnsriverkeeper.org/facebook.

Take advantage of this special discounted membership rate, and help us to continue our campaign for a clean and healthy river. 

Here is what we will do as your representative for the river:

  • Investigate pollution problems and demand accountability.
  • Ensure that our environmental laws and regulations are implemented and enforced.
  • Advocate for sensible solutions and necessary policy changes to better protect the St. Johns.
  • Educate the public about the St. Johns River and the issues impacting its health.
  • Develop high quality educational resources and programs.
  • Provide frequent opportunities for students and the general public to experience the river through boat trips and field trips.
  • Inform, involve, and engage our members and the community in the efforts to protect and restore the river's health.
  • Participate in the public policy decision-making process to represent the interests of the river, our members, and the public.