We are working with Rain Water Solutions Inc. to offer high-quality rain barrels at a huge discount.  For a limited time, you can purchase an Ivy 50-gallon rain barrel for $70.  These high-quality rain barrels usually retail for $109.  

For the first time, we will also offer a 65-gallon compost bin for $70. The pair can be purchased for $130.00 directly through the program’s website using a credit card.

Purchase your rain barrel and compost bin today and pick up at the Cummer Museum of Art & Gardens Community Day on Saturday, March 1st. This event is Free and Open to the public!

There will only be a limited number of extra barrels and compost bins for sale during the event.


Rain Barrel and Compost Bin Pick-Up:

When:   Saturday, March 1st from 10:00 am – 12:00 pm
Where:  The Cummer Museum of Art & Gardens
               829 Riverside Avenue, Jacksonville  32204

For more information, contact Shannon Blanksinship at 904-256-7613 or Shannon@stjohnsriverkeeper.org.

Ivy Rain Barrel Specifications:

  • Made in the USA!
  • 50% recycled plastic
  • Dimensions 42.5”H x 22” W x 18” L
  • Child proof, bug proof lid
  • 3/4" ball valve easliy connects to garden hose
  • All parts included and ready to set up
  • Gravity fed. No pumps required
  • Link two or more Ivys together using your existing overflow hose

This rain barrel sale is presented to you by:
St. Johns Riverkeeper andThe Cummer Museum of  Art & Gardens

What is a rain barrel or cistern?

A rain barrel is a simple rainwater harvesting container that collects rainwater from your roof. Most rain barrels typically hold 50-75 gallons of water. However, you can purchase much larger aboveground or underground storage tanks, often referred to as cisterns.

How can I use the water?

Rain is naturally soft water and devoid of minerals, chlorine, fluoride, and other chemicals, so it is better for your lawn or garden. I even know of someone who uses it to wash their hair, for this same reason! You can attach a garden hose, soaker hose, or use a watering can under the spigot. However, the water should not be used for drinking.

Why should I use one?

The average person living in the watershed of the St. Johns River uses approximately 140 gallons of water a day and more than 50% is for outdoor use. By collecting and using rainwater to water plants or wash our cars, we can prevent the over pumping of groundwater and help protect our aquifers, springs, wetlands, and river (20-30% of the flow of the St. Johns is from springs). Capturing rainwater reduces stormwater runoff that can carry fertilizers and harmful chemicals into the river and its tributaries.  By conserving water you can also lower your water bill!