We wants to engage you in an urgent call-to-action to save the imperiled St. Johns River.

On March 22, Lisa Rinaman, the St. Johns Riverkeeper, and a small team of river advocates embark on a journey of the entire 310-mile length of the St. Johns River from the headwaters at Fort Drum to the mouth at the Atlantic Ocean.

The goal of the Save the St. Johns River Tour is to raise awareness about the issues impacting the St. Johns, unite people and organizations devoted to the river’s health, and develop a unified approach to halting its continued degradation.

Unfortunately, the problems along the St. Johns have been mounting and the St. Johns is suffering. Our river faces significant threats from fertilizer runoff, toxic algal blooms, municipal and industrial wastewater, failing septic tanks, surface water withdrawals, urban sprawl, and dredging. Our river is at critical crossroads, with its ecological future hanging in the balance. It is imperative that we act now.

Help us build and mobilize an army of advocates throughout the river’s watershed, as we bring people together to save the St. Johns! 

Learn how you can help and find out more about the journey on the Save the St. Johns River Tour website.  Click here to see the River Tour schedule.