Show Your Love

“River Friendly” Artists

Every day, the images, sounds, and smells of the so-called real world literally surround us and assail our senses. Yet we tend to go about our lives consumed by day-to-day struggles and routines, oblivious to the marvels that abound. But then an artist comes along and interprets this very same world — through images, music, a story, a performance — and suddenly we are moved. Engaged. Really powerful art can change lives.

– Conservation Magazine, Are Artists the Ultimate Environmentalists?

The arts can be such a powerful advocacy tool for engaging the public in meaningful dialogue and inspiring conservation of our precious natural resources and local waterways. Artists help us to “see” the underlying beauty, connect us to the natural world, and inspire us to take action in ways often not possible through traditional means of advocacy and engagement.

We appreciate all of the artists who have used their talents over the years to help support St. Johns Riverkeeper and tell the story of our River. In this time of economic turmoil, many in the arts community need our help and it’s more  important than ever to share our stories through the power of art. See the full list of our current “River Friendly” business members and help us show them some community love!

3 Ways to Support the “River Friendly” Artist Community: 
1. Shop for artwork on their websites or social media pages.
2. Use their services when available.
3. Consider a donation.