Moms for Clean Water 

We feel an obligation as parents and we feel we should work on behalf of all the parents of this great state to make sure their children have a clean environment and clean water to grow up on.

First Lady Casey DeSantis

We, the Moms for Clean Water, applaud the DeSantis’ commitment to restoring and protecting our state’s waters, however the legislature failed to yield any meaningful protections to our water this past session.

Moms for Clean Water represents mothers around the state of Florida calling for meaningful protection for ALL of our water resources. Florida’s children deserve the opportunity to fish, swim, and play in clean water!

Take a stand for clean water!
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What to include:

  • Include your story about your favorite Florida waterway
  • Upload a picture of you and your kids enjoying your favorite waterbody
  • Emphasize our call to action below

Our Call to action:

Protect ALL Florida Waters

Florida waterways are ALL connected. To pollute one is to pollute them ALL. We urge comprehensive protections for ALL of our state’s waters.

Stop Pollution at the Source

We support policies that keep toxic pollution OUT of our waterways, rather than attempting expensive cleanups after the fact.

Protect Our Land to Protect Our Water

Conservation land protects our waterways by providing water filtration, flood protection, and wildlife habitat. We call for increased funding to acquire conservation land to protect our water resources.

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