Watershed Chats

Check out our virtual series: Watershed Watch Chats! Check out these videos where we chat with our partners about timely, local river topics.

BIOSOLIDS | St. Johns Riverkeeper Chats with Public Trust Law

Human waste is a growing problem in the state of Florida. As we work to connect more septic systems to public sewer, what’s next? What are wastewater treatment facilities doing with our waste, and is land application of sewage sludge a sustainable solution?

Join us as we chat with legal experts at Public Trust Law to better understand how biosolids also known as, sewage sludge is impacting the St. Johns River.

LEGISLATIVE REVIEW | St. Johns Riverkeeper Chats with 1,000 Friends of Florida

Kickoff chat with 1,000 Friends of Florida where we discussed the 2021 Legislative Review as it related to the St. Johns River and Central Florida.

The Florida Legislative Session begins March 3, 2021 and 1000 Friends is already busy establishing priorities, drafting recommended provisions, and reaching out to key legislators for support. Please check out 1000 Friends of Florida’s legislative priorities  for the 2021 session.