Volunteers Janet & Roger Linville with Kelly Savage, Outreach Director

by Kelly Savage, Community Outreach Director

I want to take a moment to thank all of our volunteers for dedicating so much of their time for the river.  With only our small yet passionate staff of 4 full-time and 2 part-time employees at St. Johns Riverkeeper, we would be limited in terms of what we could accomplish with community outreach.   However, this is not the case and for one important reason – volunteers. We all know that volunteers are critically important to non-profit organizations, but looking at the end-of-year-totals really paints a picture.

Total Volunteer Occurrences: 473

  • 473 times I sent out a call for help, and 473 times someone raised their hand and gave up their personal time to help the river.

Total Volunteer Hours: 1,974

  • The total hours are nearly equivalent to having another full-time employee on staff!

Total Estimated Outreach: 21,112

We have 165 volunteers in our database.   The following folks volunteered for 25 hours or more in 2011.

Roger Linville – 121
Kathy Vaughn – 107
Walton Chenney – 101.5
Lori Shad – 100
Amanda Howen – 90
Chandler Burroughs – 80.5
Jennie Busey – 50
Beverly Chapman – 33
Dunncan Pullen – 32
Brian O'Shea – 30
Paige Slade – 28.5
Mike Field – 27
Natalie Schoof – 27
Louann Williams – 25.5
Sarah Nan – 25

We also had 102 people volunteer less than 25 hours!

So thank you St. Johns Riverkeeper volunteers!

Interested in volunteering with us? Learn more and fill out the application by clicking here.