St. Johns Riverkeeper is teaming up with Waterkeepers Florida to bring you an action alert for Florida’s waters.

We need your help to protect access to legal action for Florida’s waterways.

The Florida Legislature is trying to strip us – conservation organizations and concerned citizens like yourself – of the power to go to court to enforce environmental laws.

Senate Bill 738 and House Bill 789 (entitled ‘Environmental Management’) would require the losing party in many environmental lawsuits to pay the court costs and attorney fees of the other parties. This is an attempt by the legislature to stop Waterkeepers and other groups from challenging environmentally destructive permits by threatening us with financial ruin.

Bottom Line: SB 738 and HB 789 will make it harder for advocates to take polluters to court to protect the environment.

Call your representative on the Senate Judiciary Committee, who is voting on it this coming Monday, January 29 and ask them to vote NO on SB 738 and HB 789. Senator Clay Yarborough from Jacksonville is the committee chair.


Take Action by Contacting Your Legislators Today