River Ecosystems

Virtual Classroom: EcoWeb (2nd-5th Grade)

Let’s study the ecosystem of the St. Johns River! Discuss adaptations, endangered and invasive species, and examine the many connections between organisms through food, water, shelter, and air. We all have a responsibility to protect the St. Johns River! How can you make a difference? Standards: SC.4.L.16.4 SC.4.L.17.2 SC.4.L.17.4 SC.5.L.15.1 SC.5.L.17.1



What is Pear Deck?



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NOTE: This virtual program currently requires each student to have their own laptop (not provided) to interact with the lesson. Riverkeeper uses the platform Pear Deck to actively engage every student in the lesson and it is compatible with Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet. Teachers are only required to set up the program meeting and allow Educator to present, not to signup for Pear Deck. Riverkeeper Educator is happy to set up a time to walk you and your fellow Teachers through the presentation and how it will look prior to your scheduled program.

Find out all about a river’s ecosystem and the important role every native plant and animal plays in keeping it balanced.