Teacher Programs

Teachers will kayak Pottsburg Creek to Exchange Island in the St. Johns River to learn about spoil islands and how land-use decisions can impact the health of our tributaries. Our education staff and water quality expert will lead scientific tests to evaluate and better understand the current water quality of the Creek.


St. Johns Riverkeeper’s professional development programs provide opportunities for teachers to expand their knowledge and understanding of the St. Johns River and engage in water-related science activities, all while using STEM content, practices, and skills.


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Watershed Watch Chats

A virtual series of chats with some of closest Partners as the March 2021 Legislative session kicks off. Learn about timely, local River topics and what is happening to protect and restore the beautiful St. Johns River.

Visit our Watershed Watch page for a full list of chats coming up!

River UPRising: Solutions Series

Sit back, relax, grab a pint or a bite and join us podcast style! Join St. Johns Riverkeeper Executive Director, Jimmy Orth, and Advocacy Director, Shannon Blankinship, as they discuss solutions to flooding and increasing water levels in the St. Johns.

After Hurricane Irma’s catastrophic flooding, many Florida residents wondered what actions were taken by their city to adapt to rising waters. St. Johns Riverkeeper forced a resiliency discussion by hosting a series of Town Hall Meetings in 2018 to bring the community to the table to learn about the issues and share their stories. Since these meetings, cities around the state have developed resiliency committees and have hired or are budgeting for City Resiliency Officers to champion the issues that stronger storms bring. Now is the time to start talking about how we as a community must adapt to a changing climate and see what other communities have come up with as successful solutions.

Visit our River UPRising page for series topics, webcast video/registration, and updates on what is being done around the St. Johns River Watershed to adapt to rising waters.

Don’t Feed the Algae Webinar Series

Join us as we take a deep dive into our River issues and summertime algae blooms. How are we connected to river pollution like algae blooms and what can we do to help? Check out our Water Quality Educational Videos to watch a St. Johns Riverkeeper Educator test the quality of our St. Johns River and what can be done to stop negative human impacts. 

Visit our Don’t Feed the Algae page for series topics, webcast video/registration, and updates on what is being done around the St. Johns River Watershed to curb these harmful algal blooms.

If you would like to host a professional development for your teachers with St. Johns Riverkeeper at our offices at Jacksonville University’s Marine Science Research Institute or on the St. Johns River, please complete the request form below. We can also come to your school for in-house science learning opportunities.