Lesson Plans

Elementary Grades Lesson Plan

This activity is designed to illustrate: the importance of the St. Johns River, the many different uses of water, active ways of conserving water at home, and the important role that storm drains play in the quality of our water.

Middle Grades Lesson Plan

This case study, “Our River System in Peril” addresses issues and concerns right in our student’s backyard. The lesson and activities are designed to engage students in issues that effect them and develop real-world problem-solving skills. This case study will empower students to take action and promote positive change in the world around them.

Rock Porosity Experiment

Rocks can hold oil, natural gas, and water due to physical properties called porosity and permeability. Students will investigate the porosity of limestone, sandstone, and basalt to calculate the percent porosity of water, oil, and natural gas that can potentially be stored in these rock formations. In addition to the experiment, the lab includes an individual water usage calculation, an introduction to aquifers and natural gas, environmental impacts and repercussions of ground resource extraction, and a discussion on alternative sources of water and oil/gas.

Visit our resources page to watch ‘Troubled Waters’ to learn about our impact in the Floridan Aquifer through nutrient pollution, population growth, and over pumping.