Virtual Classroom: Salinity Kit (4th-6th Grade)

Test the salinity levels of the St. Johns River using a classroom set of Salinity Refractometers through this hands-on virtual program. A St. Johns Riverkeeper Educator will ‘visit’ your class to lead the lesson with Teacher assistance to complete the experiment. All materials needed are delivered to your school. Based on your classes technological capabilities, this program will utilize laptops (school provides) or worksheets (Riverkeeper provides). Standards: SC.5.E.7.2, SC.5.N.1.1, SC.5.N.1.3, SC.5.P.9.1, SC.5.P.10.1

Max 25 students per kit. One kit per teacher.

Teacher Feedback

Putnam County 5th Grade Teacher – ‘Our students were very responsible and engaged with the virtual lab for salinity testing. How relevant too that they connected the exercise to their own local environment. We are so pleased to have partnered with the St. John’s Riverkeepers program and found everything from the preliminary videos, the interactive quizzes during the presentation, the maps and diagrams, the vocabulary, scientific tools, and the opportunity to ask questions just an outstanding experience overall.’
Salinity is the saltiness of a body of water and can be measured using refraction. Watch the Salinity Testing video and complete the associated worksheet to study the salinity of the St. Johns River with a Riverkeeper Educator. Then become the scientist and experiment at home on how different levels of salinity can change the angle of refraction. Review important terminology, learn to follow a scientific procedure, and answer some questions about the importance of salinity for the health of the St. Johns River ecosystem and its inhabitants.
Salinity Testing Video Worksheet