K-12 Classroom Programs

Quick Facts:

Grade LevelPreK-12
Classroom Capacity25
Assembly Capacity125
Program Length50 minutes per program, up to 5 programs per day
Program LocationsSt. Johns River Watershed
Suggested Donation$5 per person

St. Johns Riverkeeper provides a variety of classroom-based outreach programs led by the organization’s educational staff within the St. Johns River Watershed. Programs are designed to emphasize experiential learning where students of all learning abilities have an opportunity to personally engage and observe the dynamics of the St. Johns River. Using hands-on science learning, activities are catered to support classroom learning using cpalms, State of Florida’s official source for standards information, as a guide. The knowledge the students gain generates empathy for the inhabitants of the river, improves scientific literacy, and empowers students to promote environmental advocacy.

With a program length of approximately 50 minutes, up to five sessions can be scheduled in a single day. Programs are most effective for single classrooms of up to 25 students, though some programs can be adapted to larger groups. All outreach programs incorporate visual aids and hands-on activities.