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In the ADAPT podcast, host Brendan Rivers talks with six people who are working to help Northeast Florida adapt to sea level rise and climate change. Guests include Florida’s first-ever Chief Resilience Officer and an environmental psychologist who teaches people how to talk about climate change. The ADAPT podcast comes from WJCT Public Media in Jacksonville, Florida, which is also behind the digital magazine ADAPT, at

Suggested Videos

‘The Science of…’ – The St. Johns River

Highlight, explain, and celebrate nature, technology, science, and scientific endeavors in North East Florida.  Explore the natural world as well as interconnected people, research, business, and history.  And of course, explain some scientific concepts that matter to North East Florida.


Ted-Ed – Nurdles Quest for Ocean Domination

TED-Ed is TED’s youth and education initiative. TED-Ed’s mission is to spark and celebrate the ideas of teachers and students around the world. Everything we do supports learning — from producing a growing library of original animated videos , to providing an international platform for teachers to create their own interactive lessons, to helping curious students around the globe bring TED to their schools and gain presentation literacy skills, to celebrating innovative leadership within TED-Ed’s global network of over 250,000 teachers. TED-Ed has grown from an idea worth spreading into an award-winning education platform that serves millions of teachers and students around the world every week.

Suggested Reading

Over in a River by Marianne Berkes and Jill Dubin

My River by Shari Halpern

The Raft by Jim LaMarche

The Young Naturalist’s Guide to Florida by Peggy Lantz

Trouble on the St. Johns River by Jane Wood

River of Lakes: A Journey on Florida’s St. Johns River by Bill Belleville

National Audubon Society Field Guide to Florida