Field Trip Programs

RiverX Boat Trips (4th-6th Grade)

St. Johns Riverkeeper is pleased to announce we are able to offer our River Exploration (RiverX) boat trips Fall 2021! This program immerses students in the natural world of the St. Johns River through an educational, on-the-water experience. Riverkeeper utilizes the river as a resource for furthering student understanding of the science of our river dynamics as well as an opportunity to explore the interconnectedness of our economy, community interaction, and river health. Boat trips are awarded to schools who participate in our River Friendly Challenge, a competitive student-driven project proposal for making your school more river friendly.


Students view native plants and animals living in or near the river; discuss adaptations to the local habitat, endangered species and their importance, and then examine the many connections between these organisms.

Standards: SC.4.L.16.4 SC.4.L.17.2 SC.4.L.17.4 SC.5.L.15.1 SC.5.L.17.1

“This is educational, fun, and beautiful. It teaches our students about our local science, as well as, teaches our students about our river community.”


Students learn how to use a Salinity Refractometer to measure the concentration of salt in river water. Students will test several samples collected from various locations along the river to understand how different salinity levels affect the type of aquatic life found in those areas. Natural phenomena, such as tides and the water cycle, are also discussed.

Standards: SC.5.E.7.2, SC.5.N.1.1, SC.5.N.1.3, SC.5.P.9.1, SC.5.P.10.1

“This is the best of all STEAM trips. It has everything. Fun, exciting, new experience for kids, engaging on hands stations, learning, local info and impact.”


Students identify and record the number of river organisms they see. Students will also observe human activity along the river by recording the number of boats they see, and the amount of trash collected.

Standards: SC.4.L.17.4, SC.4.N.1.1, SC.5.N.1.2, SC.5.N.1.6

“Observations of dolphins was very exciting for the students. The classroom without walls!! This allowed students to not have limits on education.”

What is RiverX? The RiverX program emphasizes experiential learning to provide students of all learning abilities an opportunity to personally engage with and observe the dynamics of the St. Johns River. Boat trips include educational stations that highlight science, the river as a resource, and human impacts (positive and negative). Additional components of the program include educational videos and activities that enhance classroom learning, improve scientific literacy, and promote environmental advocacy.

Watch ‘STEAM Boat Trips on the St. Johns (Trailer).

Program design may differ depending on your school district, based on the layout of the boat, but the activities will be similar.

There is a cost to this program. Funding for a boat trip is possible through St. Johns Riverkeeper’s ‘River Friendly Challenge’ and is on a first-come, first-served basis, as funding is limited. Riverkeeper does NOT provide buses, bus funding, or bus organization.

Designed for 4th-6th grade students in Duval, Putnam, and Volusia County Public Schools. Please contact Emily Floore, Education Director, for information about boat capacity, available program dates, and River Friendly Challenge requirements.

Go Take A Hike!

Let’s head outside for a guided stroll, paddle, or bike along the banks of the St. Johns River or one of its tributaries. While we are enjoying the outdoors we will talk about the history, ecology, and issues facing our St. Johns River. Program discussion and hands-on activities are based on teacher interest, age of students, and partner availability. Program cost dependent on if a boat or presenter is requested.

Partners: Duval Audubon Society, Ixia Chapter of FL Native Plant Society, Bartram Trail Society of FL, Groundwork Jacksonville, FL Fish and Wildlife, All Wet Sports (paddle company), St. Johns River Water Taxi

Designed for 1st-12th grade.

Up to 30 participants, minimum 1.5 hour


Join a St. Johns Riverkeeper Educator the THIRD Wednesday of the month on board the St. Johns River Water Taxi! Thanks to the generous donation of Subaru of Jacksonville, St. Johns Riverkeeper is able to offer (2) 50 minute educational boat trips each month at a reduced rate. Visit our Family and Homeschool page for more information and to register.

Any age and grade level welcome!

Boat capacity is 50 passengers. Trips are 50 minutes.

River Cleanups

Do some good in your neighborhood! There is no better way to have an immediate and direct positive impact on our St. Johns River than participating in a river clean up. We guide you through a safe and meaningful river clean up while also discussing current issues affecting the health of the St Johns. Students will work to understand their impact while also being out in their community making a difference. Riverkeeper Educators will provide an educational component prior to the cleanup, safety will be discussed, and materials (provided by Riverkeeper) will be distributed. This is a hands-on learning opportunity that engages our future advocates to learn about the St. Johns River and local issues. Cleanups are also a great opportunity for teens to earn community service hours, earn scout badges, and can serve as an after school program activity.

Designed for 3rd-12th grade (program will be adjusted based on age of participants)

Accommodates up to 50 students and 10 teachers/chaperones. Duration: 2 hours

Storm Drain Marking

Curbside storm drains are an open pipe that empties directly into nearby waterways. After heavy rains, storm water runs off our streets and parking lots into storm drains picking up leaves, debris, and litter and can clog the pipes causing streets to flood. Along with these items, excess pesticides, fertilizer, pet waste, and other substances which can be harmful to aquatic life. Help St. Johns Riverkeeper raise awareness about storm drains by having your students participate in one of our Service Learning Projects to mark the storm drains near your school and brainstorm ways to inform the neighboring residents about how they can be ‘River Friendly’.

Designed for 3rd-12th grade (program will be adjusted based on age of participants)

Up to 50 students and 10 teachers/chaperones, 2 hours

Currently Unavailable for 2021 due to JU’s visitation policy.

Come to Us!

St. Johns Riverkeeper’s office is located right on the St. Johns River in Jacksonville University’s Marine Science Research Institute (MSRI). Take your students out on the river, discover what it takes to be a marine science college student, utilize a college lab to study microscopic organisms, or learn about research going on in the St. Johns River from one of the world-renowned professors. Let us design a program for your group. Rates and participation number vary based on the chosen program.

Up to 40 students and 10 teachers/chaperones, 2 hours


St. Johns RIVERKEEPER is a privately-funded, independent and trusted voice for the St. Johns River and the public to whom it belongs. We are a 501(c)(3) organization and rely on the support of our members, donors, and volunteers to accomplish our mission. Please consider making a donation to support our educational programming.

Suggested donation, $5 per person