River Patrol

Our Eyes and Ears of the River

River Patrol is a volunteer-based program designed to increase St. Johns Riverkeeper’s ability to monitor the St. Johns River and its tributaries and to increase the visibility of our organization in the community. River Patrol is a “river watch” program that monitors water quality and habitat conditions, documents any problems that are encountered, and reports them to the appropriate regulatory agency.

Who are the members of the River Patrol?

River Patrol is made up of St. Johns Riverkeeper members who engage the St. Johns River and its tributaries on a regular basis: in a motorboat, sailboat, kayak or canoe. However, you don’t have to own a boat to be a member of the River Patrol! You can patrol by foot, observe your surroundings while assisting from shore, and assist other River Patrol members on outings.

What are the qualifications to be a River Patrol member?

We only ask that you support the St. Johns Riverkeeper by becoming a member, and that you update your contact information with us to stay informed on volunteer needs. If you see possible illegal discharges, pumping from boats, muddy water leaving construction sites, streamside wetlands being filled, endangered wildlife or anything that appears unusual, help out by contacting the appropriate regulatory agency and informing St. Johns Riverkeeper at report@sjrk.org. Learn more about reporting violations on our Report page.

Interested in volunteering with the Monofilament Recycle Program?

We are looking for volunteers to monitor locations at various boat ramps.

Need further information?

Look for upcoming River Patrol events to attend. Stay up to date with what we are doing by liking our Facebook page and following us on Instagram. Email  info@stjohnsriverkeeper.org with additional questions.

River Patrol Steering Committee

Steering Committee Members: Steve Cobb- Kingfisher Coordinator, Patty Johnson- First Mate Representative, Peter Welch and Beth Welch- Monofilament Program Coordinators, Yanella Parra- Communications Coordinator, Eve Egan- Community Outreach Coordinator, Walton Cheney- At Large 1, and Alex Sawyer- At Large 2.

Advisory Council: Lowell Stephens, Dee Stephens, and Roger Linville

Our Steering Committee meets every other month to socialize and discuss programs and ways to help St. Johns Riverkeeper. Open to the public – now virtual!