Water Quality

Virtual Classroom: Water Quality (6th-12th grade)

Test the quality of the St. Johns River with a St. Johns Riverkeeper Educator! Each test is important to understanding and studying the health of the St. Johns River ecosystem. Tests include Salinity, pH, Turbidity, Nitrates, and Dissolved Oxygen. Discuss how human activity impacts our waterways and how you can help save the St. Johns River. A St. Johns Riverkeeper Educator will ‘visit’ your class to lead the lesson with teacher assistance to complete the experiment. All materials needed are delivered to your school.

Max 25 students per kit. One kit per teacher.

Pre Program

Intro to St. Johns River

Water Quality Videos (below)

Be an Advocate, if you see a suspected Violation, help the river by reporting it to the appropriate agency. Contact us if you need assistance. We’re here to help!

Associated Water Quality Videos

Dissolved Oxygen

Water Column