Community Service

Earn service hours by helping keep trash out of the St. Johns River. Pick up trash in your neighborhood or clean out the storm drains on your street. In order to receive a signature for your hours of hardwork, please send the below items to Emily Floore, Education Director, at

  1. Capture your actions through video or pictures;
  2. Show or list some of the items you found;
  3. Mention one thing you learned while you were cleaning up.

Consider participating in Riverkeeper’s #SJRKTrashTag Challenge on Facebook to encourage your friends to do some good in their neighborhood and for the St. Johns River!

Neighborhood Cleanup

Do some good in your neighborhood! There is no better way to have an immediate and direct positive impact on our St. Johns River than participating in a river clean up. This is a hands-on learning opportunity that engages our future advocates to see how much trash there actually is in the environment. Please be sure to wear gloves, be mindful of people’s property, and watch out for traffic!

Scavenger Hunt Activity

Tributaries and Storm Drains

Curbside storm drains are an open pipe that empties directly into nearby waterways. After heavy rains, storm water runs off our streets and parking lots into storm drains picking up leaves, debris, and litter and can clog the pipes causing streets to flood. Along with these items, excess pesticides, fertilizer, pet waste, and other substances which can be harmful to aquatic life. Help St. Johns Riverkeeper raise awareness about storm drains by cleaning yours up of debris and trash. Find your local tributary by going for a walk or look it up on Google Earth. Trace it to see it’s path to the St. Johns River. Brainstorm ways you can be ‘River Friendly’ by preventing pollutants from getting into the storm drain and eventually out into the St. Johns River.

Video coming soon!