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Green Monster Documentary

The massive toxic algae bloom of the summer of 2005 was a wake-up call for many that our St. Johns River is sick. The algae bloom was a signal to public officials and the community that immediate action must be taken if we are to restore the river’s health. The Green Monster documents this unprecedented event, examining the cause of the algae bloom and the significant impacts of the bloom on our environment, economy, and even our own health. The documentary also educates viewers about what they can do to help protect the St. Johns River.

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Revenge of the River Documentary

Revenge of the River is an educational documentary film project from St. Johns Riverkeeper that raises awareness about the problems facing the St. Johns River and what needs to be done to restore its health. Revenge of the River begins by updating viewers about what has taken place since the massive “Green Monster” algae bloom of 2005. As a result of the Green Monster, awareness and concern within the community are at an all-time high and government officials have drafted a restoration plan for the St. Johns, the St. Johns River Accord. But, have we done enough? Will these efforts result in a clean and healthy St. Johns River?
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Troubled Waters Documentary

Connections and Consequenses
Despite their importance, Florida’s waterways are suffering from significant pollution problems such as fertilizer runoff, poorly treated municipal and industrial wastewater, and failing septic tanks. Combined with the impacts from a rapidly growing population we have a potential recipe for disaster. What is happening to the St. Johns River is emblematic of the water quality and supply challenges we are facing throughout Florida, highlighting the significant pollution problems that exist and the impending water crisis that we face.  As a result, Troubled Waters is a call to action for all of Florida’s rivers, lakes, springs, and aquifers
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My St. Johns River, Our Responsibility

This film is an example of students making a difference on the St. Johns River. It is a compilation of the winners from our 2011 PSA contest as well as elementary students impacting their local community.

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