St. Johns Riverkeeper is teaming up with Waterkeepers Florida to bring you an action alert for Florida’s waters.

Plastic is one of the fastest growing types of pollution in our waterways. Plastic debris can choke and entangle wildlife and leach harmful chemicals into our water. Despite the overwhelming volume of plastic pollution in natural areas, the state of Florida has preempted local governments from regulating many types of single-use plastics for years. Now, the legislature wants to take it even further.

SB 1126 and HB 1641 would prevent local governments from regulating what they call “auxiliary containers” including reusable or single-use bags, cups, bottles, or other packaging. This would effectively quash local governments’ ability to enforce policies regarding these containers, including in their public facilities or in their parks or beaches.

Bottom Line: These bills would lead to more plastic pollution in our waterways. 

Call your representative on the Senate Community Affairs Committee, who is voting on it this coming Tuesday, February 6, and ask them to vote NO on SB 1126 and HB 1641.


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