Vote For the River!

Vote For the River! Credit: Johnny Milano for The New York Times

St. Johns RIVERKEEPER asked all of the 2019 candidates who ran for Jacksonville City Council to sign a Resiliency Pledge urging them to make the St. Johns River a priority and lead the charge to address the problems that degrade our river's health.  

Unfortunately, only seven of the incoming 19 City Council Members signed our Resiliency Pledge.



  • Lenny Curry - No Reply

At-Large Group 1

  • Terrance Freeman - No Reply 

At-Large Group 2

  • Ron Salem - No Reply

At-Large Group 3

  • Tommy Hazouri - Signed Pledge

At-Large Group 4 

At-Large Group 5

  • Sam Newby - No Reply

District 1 

District 2 

  • Al Ferraro - No Reply 

District 3 

  • Aaron Bowman - No Reply

District 4 

  • Scott Wilson - Signed Pledge

District 5 

  • Leanna Cumber - No Reply

District 6

District 7

  • Reggie Gaffney - No Reply

District 8

  • Ju'Coby Pittman - Signed Pledge

District 9

  • Garrett Dennis - No Reply

District 10

  • Brenda Priestly Jackson - Signed Pledge 

District 11

  • Danny Becton - No Reply

District 12 

  • Randy White - No Reply

District 13 

  • Rory Diamond - No Reply

District 14

  • Randy DeFoor - Signed Pledge 

Hurricane Irma and others after its wake were wakeup calls for Jacksonville and the State of Florida. The historic flooding was shocking. The property loss, economic impact, and human toll were heartbreaking.

Unfortunately, scientists are predicting slower and more intense storms, further increasing the risk to low-lying communities like ours.

  • Northeast Florida Regional Council recommends planning for rising waters of 1 to 3 feet by 2060.
  • U.S. Army Corps of Engineers projects an increase in water levels in the river by up to 12% during smaller, “high frequency” storms within the next 5 years.

Other major cities throughout the country are focused on becoming more resilient and better equipped for a future of rising waters.

Jacksonville's time to act is now by:

  • Protecting our natural defenses (wetlands and buffers) and restoring tributaries;
  • Implementing green stormwater infrastructure, such as bioswales, rain gardens, and urban trees;
  • Improving the permitting process to reduce and mitigate flooding impacts to neighbors, waterways, and public infrastructure
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