Report a Violation

If you see a suspected violation, help the river by reporting it to the appropriate agency. Contact us if you need assistance. We’re here to help!
Contact Soraya Aidinejad, Advocacy Specialist at (904) 256-7036 or

Good source for all issues

Florida Dept. of Environmental Protection(904) 256-1700
Will transfer to appropriate department.Florida DEP

Algal Bloom

To report an algae bloom in the river or a stream. Please send us pictures and GPS coordinates, if possible.

Gabbie Milch, Middle Basin Coordinator(407) 607-2965
FL Dept. of Environmental Protection(855) 305-3903
Online Form

Hazardous Material Spill / Marine Spill

Oil, gas, sewage, paint, any toxic substance, or any substance running into a stream, wetland or river.

National Response Center(800) 424-880
When in doubt, call
State Watch Office(800) 320-0519
FDEP Emergency ResponseFDEP Emergency Response
Coast Guard National Response Center(800) 424-8802
Duval County Environmental Quality Division(904) 255-7100

Wetland Violation

Any fill material such as dirt, broken concrete dumped into a marsh or swamp.

Florida DEP (single family homes)(904) 256-1700, option 1
St. Johns River Water Management District (large subdivision/ industry)(904) 730-6270
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers- Enforcement(904) 232-3697

Illegal Discharge

Any discharge, such as water or sewage, allowed to flow from a pipe or drain directly into a wetland, river or stream.

Jacksonville's Care Center in Duval County (Get case #)(904) 630-2489
Florida Department of Environmental Protection(904) 256-1700, option 1
Duval County Dept. of Health (for sewage only)(904) 253-1280

Manatee Hotline

To report a dead or injured manatee or other marine mammal, Always call (888) 404-3922 so immediate assistance can be dispatched.

State Manatee Hotline & Law Enforcement Dispatch(888) 404-3922
Call this number always! Cellular ( in specific areas )*FWC
Manatee Hotline (Jacksonville University)(904) 256-7575
Helps document manatee occurencesManatee Study at JU

Fish Kill

Dead marine organism such as fish or shrimp floating on top of the water or collected along the shore.

FMRI Fish Kill Hotline (M-F 8-5 pm)(800) 636-0511
Public Wildlife Alert Hotline (available 24/7)(888) 404-3922
FWC Fish Kill Hotline

Construction Site Runoff

Soil from a construction site running into a stream, wetlands or the river, regardless of barriers such silt fences or hay bales.

Jacksonville Environmental Quality Division(904) 255-7100
St. Johns River Water Management District (outside Duval County)(904) 730-6270

Solid Waste

Illegal dumping of trash or construction debris into a stream or river. Note: Agencies will not remove random trash and debris that is in the river or washes up on shore, unless it presents a navigation hazard or is a toxic substance.

Jacksonville's Care Center (Get case #)(904) 630-2489
Seminole County Stormwater Division(407) 665-2424
Marion County Code Enforcement(352) 671-8900
Florida Department of Environmental Protection(904) 256-1700

Illicit Connection

Pipes to waterways from sources such as swimming pools, gray water, or gutter drain connections.

Jacksonville's Care Center in Duval County(904) 630-2489
(Get issue case #)Care Center Online

Abandoned Vessel

To report an abandoned or derelict vessel.

Jacksonville Sheriff's Office Marine Unit (Duval County only) JSO Marine Unit(904) 630-8960
Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission(850) 488-6068
U.S. Coast Guard (for navigational hazards only)(904) 714-7500, option 1

Damaged/Missing Buoys

To report a damaged or missing buoy.

Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission1-866-405-BUOY (2869)